Bioelements Dry Brush System

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Bioelements Dry Brush System

a 3-part professional secret to maintain smoother, softer skin at home. The Dry Brush Body Smoothing System is designed to Shed, Shower, and Smooth skin neck-to-toes with Bioelements Comfortably Clean Daily Body Shower Gel, Extremely Emollient Daily Body Moisturizer and a free professional Bioelements Dry Brush (a $20 value).

What is Dry Brushing?

The ancient process of dry brushing the skin eliminates dead skin cells from the surface, promoting healthier skin, while its stimulating and massaging benefits result in a daily routine that can smooth, rejuvenate and invigorate the entire body.It only takes minutes, but the proces of dry brushing each day can have a dramatic effect on the entire body.

How it works:


Before you step into the shower, shed dry cells and renew texture by gently dry brushing entire body from neck to toes. Never get brush wet – keep it dry to ensure its bristles remain firm and effective.


Step into the shower and rinse skin squeaky-clean with the hydrating, aromatic essential oils in Comfortably Clean – including bitter orange, bergamot, rosemary, and lavender oils.


Nourish, smooth and protect with Extremely Emollient’s ultra-lubricating dimethicone and antioxidant rich blend of vitamins E, A and C, that will keep skin fresh all day.



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